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Smooth Finishing Touches

You don't want to have to wash your dog or cat every week, so keep them looking and smelling fresh between baths with the grooming products from PurePet. From grooming mists to pet finishing sprays, our maintenance products improve the health, feel, and look of your pet's coat.

Pure Touch Finishing Spray

This excellent spray has been carefully researched to provide the ultimate luxury finishing system for all coat types. Safe for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, our exclusive formula:

• Provides Sunscreen Protection to
   Help Prevent Coat Color Fading

• Reduces Shedding with Regular Use
• Texturizes, Adds Body, & Eliminates Flyaway Coat

• Simplifies Combing & Brushing
• Eliminates Tangling & Matting

Brushing or combing a dry coat can cause damage to the fur, giving the coat an unhealthy appearance. Simply apply a fine mist of Pure Touch before grooming to prevent breakage and add a nourishing leave-in conditioner to the coat. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the magic touch this spray has on all coat types:

Short-Coated Breeds - Adds gloss and super shine as well as gives your pet much-needed sunscreen protection.
Long-Coated Breeds - Conditions coat and simplifies combing with special detanglers that help prevent breakage. Gently holds coat and furnishings in place, controls flyaway coat, and adds shine and sunscreen protection.
Double-Coated Breeds - Texturizes and adds body, hold, and fullness to coat. Provides shine and sunscreen protection.
Harsh-Coated Breeds - Holds furnishings in place. Adds shine and sunscreen protection while texturizing the coat.
Curly-Coated Breeds - May be used for adding fullness and texture before blow-drying. Conditions coat and simplifies combing. May also be used when re-curling coat if desired.

Pure Care Herbal Spray for Dogs and Cats

Relieve itching and scratching with this exclusive, breakthrough formula of freshly prepared herbal extracts. Carefully researched to provide the very best of nature's skin and coat repairing ingredients, Pure Care Spray's gentle no-sting formula has a bitter taste to discourage chewing, licking, and fur biting. The spray soothes and helps heals hot spots, fleabites, and allergic dermatitis, maintaining the optimal condition of your pet's skin and coat. For best results, use it in conjunction with Pure Care Herbal Skin Therapy Shampoo and other PurePet products. While there is no alcohol or harsh chemicals, the formula does contain:

Calendula - Relieves Skin Irritations & Insect Bites
Comfrey - Natural Source of Allantoin, Which Helps Heal Wounds & Skin Irritations & Stimulate Growth of Healthy Tissue
Goldenseal - Botanical Astringent with Anti-Fungal Properties
Rosemary - Helps in the Control of Dandruff, Itching & Scaling
Evening Primrose Oil - Soothes Skin Irritations & Rashes
Clove Oil - Natural Anesthetic to Help Stop the Itch

Black and White Cat

Pure Fresh Herbal Deodorizing Mist for Dogs and Cats

We know you love your dog or cat, but you may not always love the way they smell. This natural herbal formula refreshes and rejuvenates, leaving your pet's skin and coat smelling clean and fresh with a long-lasting herbal fragrance. It contains a breakthrough botanical blend of select herbal extracts, including chamomile, lemon peel, cranesbill, calendula, sage, burdock, balm mint, black walnut, and an exclusive herbal ingredient that attacks and eliminates odors. Pure Fresh Mist is natural, alcohol free with no sting, biodegradable, pH-balanced, and safe for dogs and cats of all ages. It has no harsh ingredients and is environmentally friendly.